Alpinia is not a resort. But the guests who stay here say that it is much more than a resort with no artificial touch and overloaded facilities. It is an estate stay surrounded by greenery. A hideout, totally away from the buzzing life of metropolis providing absolute privacy, peace and satisfaction. It is not designed to provide luxury dwelling. But you have all the comforts of clean room, wash room, TV, hot water, separate kitchen with lots of activities, place for campfire etc. ALPINIA introduces a dream come true experience. Situated in a valley, 14.5 KMs from Madikeri, has in store many surprises to be explored. Alpiniya is cradled inside the green rich Jenukolly village.

ALPINIA has other activities to keep the guests engaged for full day in the same surrounding.
BURMA BRIDGE provides an exciting walk from tree to tree on the rope.
TREE TOP NET will take you near the chirping birds where you can relax, twenty feet above the ground!
The SILENT WATER STREAM, a swing above the water and a natural mini pond invite everyone to play, splash and smile.
TREKKING in the long country side road will rejuvenate you. You may bump against rare plants, trees  birds or butterflies in the course. A guest who stayed at Alpiniya in his review had written that he watched more than sixty variety of birds.


APPROACH; You have to drive fifteen kilometers from Madikeri to reach ALPINIA. Transportation will be organized to those who travel by bus on charge basis. The first 9 kilometers is a state highway towards Siddapur.
After the 9th kilometer turn to right towards KATLEKAD (Paisary) The sign board on the road side says ‘Maragodu, 9 KMs). (For easy location, enquire for the estate of ‘SHAKTHI’ newspaper owners as local people are not familiar with the name ALPINIA.)
Splendid scenery will enthrall your short drive here. You will meet a ‘Y’ junction after 2.5 kilometers. Take the left road. If you have not experienced driving inside a valley, this road awaits your arrival. It’s a bit rugged drive.The last 2.5 kilometers is thrill filled with curves and slopes.
You shall enjoy the drive if it is before Sunset.


MODE OF PAYMENT; You have to transfer fifty percent advance online via ICICI or SBI bank for confirmation. Remaining amount shall be paid at the time of checking in.

WHOM TO CONTACT; B.G.Anathashayana, Ph- 9844576429 / 9480388690. Email-


B.G.Anantha Shayana,
Editor Shakthi newspaper,
‘Chirntana’, Convent Junction,
Madikeri, 571201,
Kodagu District, Karnataka, India.